Open Your Eyes Sunnies was founded by an unlikely duo...

An artist, Atlee Feingold, and a business-creative, Savannah Hense. Like so many others, we are fed up with America's chronic gun violence epidemic and decided it was time we, and our fellow Americans, did something about it. 

We knew we wanted to give back to the charities really making a difference in gun safety. The people who wake up every day and fight to instill Gun-Sense in America. We knew we needed to come up with a fun, easy and approachable way for anyone to get involved in the movement. So, we started this niche company, Open Your Eyes Sunnies, in hopes that our sunglasses and message will support our fellow Americans in opening their eyes and reassessing their priorities when it comes to gun safety. For each pair of sunnies purchased on OYESunnies.com, one dollar is donated to EveryTown For Gun Safety, supporting common-sense gun legislation, programs and education. 

Purchases can be a powerful tool if they are made with a purpose. Open Your Eyes Sunnies puts the power back in the hands of the consumer through attainable activism, a term we coined for activism that can be done from anywhere, by anyone, at any time. 

With just a few clicks you can join the 97% of Americans who believe in common sense gun laws by giving back and looking good doing it. 

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