We are dedicated to working toward common sense restrictions on gun ownership in the United States through attainable activism.

Responsible gun owners are people who have proper education and training, people who do not have serious psychological disorders, people who are not in unsafe mental states, and people who can pass a simple background check.

We do not advocate taking guns away from these responsible gun owners. We do reject the vitriol that has become the norm in discussions on common sense gun control, and instead ask only one thing: that we all open our eyes.

Open our eyes to the epidemic of gun violence that has often impacted the most innocent among us, our children. Open our eyes to the gun violence that plagues many urban areas, to how often gun violence kills and maims scores of innocent people in a matter of minutes. Open Your Eyes.

Purchases can be a powerful tool if they are made with a purpose. Open Your Eyes Sunnies puts the power back in the hands of the consumer through attainable activism, a term we coined for activism that can be done from anywhere, by anyone, at any time.

For each pair of OYESunnies purchased, one dollar is donated to our chosen charity, Everytown. Everytown is a non-profit organization that works to open our eyes through groundbreaking original research, developing common sense evidence-based policies, and communicating this knowledge in the courts and the court of public opinion.